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MartINsite Low Carbon Sheet

MartINsite® is a low carbon alloy free, cold rolled steel available in minimum tensile strengths shown below.

The higher strength of MartINsite® steel permits use of thinner gages and lighter sections than required when using regular carbon steel. Economies can be realized in material and processing costs. It is less expensive than high alloy or spring steel materials. MartINsite® steel is manufactured with the same process and equipment used to produce regular cold rolled sheet steel. The cold rolled coils are then carefully heated to the austenitic range and rapidly quenched in water to produce an auto-tempered martensitic steel. It is supplied with a regular matte finish of approximately 20-40 micro inches. Can be electroplated, does not require baking treatment to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement. May be painted using the same techniques as for other carbon steels. When baking, the following temperature limitations should not be exceeded: 500° F (260° C) for 2 minutes, 400° F (204° C) for 30 minutes.

SOLD ON APPROVAL OF SAMPLE. Additional literature available upon request.This material is presently being used in fasteners, tubing, structural ribs, transmission bands, clutch parts and many others.


COMPLETE FACILITIES for Slitting - Shearing - Blanking and Edging. Available in coils or cut lengths. Sizes other than those listed and in all thicknesses .001 and heavier are obtainable and may be ordered for you.

Chemical Will Vary By Grade

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $300. 

MartINsite Low Carbon Sheet Steel Tolerance Data
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Thickness (in)
inches / mm
Max Width (in)
inches / mm
Lbs per Feet/ Kilos. per m2
Rockwell Hardness
0.02 / 0.508 36 / 914.4 0.8160 / 3.9845 details Get a Quote »
0.025 / 0.635 36 / 914.4 1.0200 / 4.9807 details Get a Quote »
0.03 / 0.762 36 / 914.4 1.2240 / 5.9768 details Get a Quote »
0.032 / 0.8128 36 / 914.4 1.3056 / 6.3752 details Get a Quote »
0.035 / 0.889 36 / 914.4 1.4280 / 6.9729 details Get a Quote »

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