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Sheet Steel or Strip Steel

Concerning these so very similar and yet so distinctly different products, the real
and fundamental difference is QUALITY. While both types are stocked by us and
are available in all tempers and quantities over 1 lb., the practical problem of choice
is. . . FIRST COST VS. FINAL COST. There are many instances where the cheaper
"sheet coil" will do and all costs are considered at a savings. On the contrary,there
are many instances where "genuine strip steel only" will do at a final cost less than
sheet steel.




  • sheet steel's broad tolerances will do.
  • the fabricating operations are not too
    complicated and do not require
    intricate, expensive dies.
  • high speed production is not required
  • fairly heavy, oversize gauge variations
    are not objectionable.
  • If a fine surface finish is not essential.
  • a good base for paint or enamel is
  • if wide variations in physical characteristics
    are permissible.


  • if strip steel's close tolerances
    are required.
  • you wish to avoid rapid die wear
    due to heavy oversize gauge variations.
  • If high speed production methods
    are employed.
  • If you want maximum "square footage"
    for greatest parts yield per ton.
  • If you require a fine finish or a better
    base for plating.
  • If you must have a high degree of
    uniformity of chemistry and physical
    properties - plus precision tolerances.
  • If you want selected tempers for
    maximum strength and lightest weight.

Both products are available in coil and cut lengths and
in all tempers and quantities of one pound and over.


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