Company History

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

During the late 1930's, our founder, Mr. George C. Tinsley, worked in the Chicago area as a sales representative for a major steel mill. During this time period, Mr. Tinsley became aware of the need for a metal service center that would be able to supply customers who were unable to buy metal in mill quantities.

In July 1940, at the age of fifty, Mr. Tinsley founded Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc. The business was started on a small scale in rented quarters of approximately 3,500 square feet. During the early years of its existence growth of the company suffered because our nation was at war and metals were in scarce supply.

The name adopted for the company, Precision Steel Warehouse, Inc., is somewhat of a misnomer in describing what the company does. The word "warehouse" was a commonly used term within this industry to describe companies that merely stocked and sold metals of various shapes but did little or no processing. Although we have maintained the same corporate name throughout the years; Precision, in the service center business, is much more than just a warehouse.

Our service center business consists principally of purchasing large coils which are manufactured to our high quality standards. This material is then processed to exacting tolerances for industries which either cannot buy in economical quantities from the producing mills or do not have the technical ability or equipment to process the material.

Our modern equipment, extensive inventories and sophisticated controls within the service center operation allow us to meet the needs of our customers with top quality products delivered on a timely basis. Since the founding of our company, we have become known for our high quality standards throughout the United States, Canada and in many foreign countries.

Despite the scarcity of metals during the war years, the company quickly outgrew the original facility and in 1944 bought a building on West Kinzie Street in Chicago, Illinois.

As an offshoot of the service center business, in 1946 the company organized a division known as the Package Goods Division, later called the Manufacturing Division and today known as Precision Brand Products, Inc. Precision Brand Products, Inc. ( is involved in the manufacturing and packaging of various toolroom specialty items. This business also grew quickly and shortly after the unit was formed, a building was purchased in Downers Grove, Illinois to house this operation.

In 1949, Precision further expanded operations and formed a company known as DuPage Manufacturing Company ( The company was originally formed to be a thin gage metal stamping operation. During the early years, DuPage also developed a line of worm gear hose clamps. Eventually, the metal stamping portion of the business was phased out and DuPage became solely a manufacturer of worm gear hose clamps.

Throughout the fifties and sixties the volume of business continued to grow and necessitated the following physical expansion:

  • In the mid fifties, an 80,000 square foot building was constructed in Franklin Park, Illinois, which is currently the site of the Franklin Park Service Center and our Corporate Offices.
  • During the mid sixties, the Franklin Park plant was enlarged and a new facility was built in Downers Grove to house Precision Brand Products, Inc. and DuPage Manufacturing.
  • In the late sixties, a new two story office addition was erected in Franklin Park to house corporate staff and the expanded data processing operation.

This period of expansion carried over into the seventies with the construction of a 20,000 square foot addition to our Downers Grove plant.

In 1974 the founder of Precision Steel, Mr. George C. Tinsley passed away. During his 34 years at Precision Steel, Mr. Tinsley dedicated himself to the task of operating the Precision companies based on sound business practices and high ethical standards. This basic philosophy continues to influence the overall managing of the company to this day.

There were many significant changes in our company during the seventies. In 1978, Precision Brand Products was incorporated as a separate entity owned by Precision Steel. This change was made in order to increase Precision Brand's autonomy so it could respond faster to the changing needs of the industrial distribution market.

During 1979, Precision Steel and subsidiaries were sold to Wesco Financial Corporation that is located in Pasadena, California.

A significant event took place during the beginning of the eighties. The manufacturing assets of Dupage Manufacturing were sold and the company was dissolved. The legal name, DuPage, was maintained and its product line continues to be distributed by Precision Brand Products, Inc. under the DuPage trade name.

Besides carrying extensive inventories of flat rolled specialty products, the service centers have the ability to process the metal to exacting specifications. Our modern slitting lines can slit from .001 thickness through .187 thickness with modern x-ray gage systems accurately measuring and recording metal tolerances in order to insure compliance with customer requirements.

In addition, we also have the ability to flatten and cut material to length, and provide specialty edges with our deburring, edge rolling and skiving equipment. Our commitment to excellence extends throughout the organization and is enhanced by the controls we have established using sophisticated data processing equipment and systems. Another noteworthy accomplishment is our technical handbook, The Precision Steel Catalog, which has become legend and is used extensively in the industry to develop standards and requirements. This catalog is a complete education in itself and is available for your review.

PRECISION BRAND PRODUCTS, INC. ( was founded on the same principles as the service centers and has become a recognized leader in its marketing fields. Over the years Precision Brand has developed a line of specialty tool room and maintenance supply items which it sells through industrial distributors and mill supply houses. Its industrial product line is the most complete available and well known for product excellence.

Precision Brand, under the DuPage Products Group trade name, also markets hose clamps and threaded rod in the automotive, hardware, plumbing, marine and electrical markets.

Like the service centers, Precision Brand stresses quality and customer service in selling its products. To this end, our items are produced to exacting standards and we maintain inventory sufficient to ship most orders within two working days.