Mars Curiosity Rover & PSW

Mars Curiosity Rover & PSW

The Mars Curiosity Rover has been on the red planet for one year as of August 6th 2013. PSW is proud to have supplied the 304 annealed stainless steel for the base of the dust removal tool (DRT).

"I thought that you may be interested to know that one of your band products that we bought a couple of years ago now resides on Mars on board the Curiosity Rover. We made some stainless steel wire fill brushes using your band material". - PSW Customer

The Precision Steel material is annealed 304 stainless steel and is formed into strip backing band at the base of the brush to hold the wire brush in place. The mechanism at the right in this image is Curiosity's dust removal tool, a motorized wire brush.


Pretty impressive in our opinion.

Most Precision Steel products won't ever get a chance to be shot into outer space and dropped onto the Martian surface. It's good to know that if you need flat rolled steel for Earth or beyond, PSW is the perfect partner to supply steel products that meet or exceed their quality requirements.

Here's a picture of Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, with an image of the Curiosity Rover. Precision Steel Warehouse is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.