Half Hard Temper Brass Strip

Half Hard Temper Brass Strip

Half Hard Brass Strip (analysis above) has been cold reduced (By two B & S gage numbers) 20.7% from its annealed condition to a tensile strength of approximately 62,000 PSI and elongation in 2" at 23%.

It has excellent cold forming qualities and may be lightly drawn, blanked or stamped; is used where some stiffness is required and deep drawing or severe forming is not. It is used for continuous hinges, cabinet hardware, etc.

70-30 Alloy - The most generally used Brass Strip.

  • SAE CA260
  • Cu. 70% Zn. 30%
  • Rockwell 30T 56/68 approx.
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The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

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