Soft Temper Brass Strip

Soft Temper Brass Strip

Soft Temper Brass Strip (analysis above) for drawing and spinning. This material has been cold rolled to its finished thickness and annealed to a controlled grain size and has an approximate tensile strength of 48,000 PSI. It has most excellent cold forming and drawing qualities.

Note - Extra deep drawing quality available but only with the breakage allowances as negotiated to meet specific requirements. It is used for eyelets, flashlight shells, lamp fixtures, rivets, drawn and spun parts.

  • Soft Temper
  • For Easy Drawing
  • Forming, Spinning
  • SAE CA260
  • Cu. 70% Zn. 30%
  • Grain Size .035/.055 approx.

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

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