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Coated Metals

Coated Metals

Dependable corrosion-free products made from Precision Steel's metal coated steel strip and metal coated sheet add up to substantial savings over plated-part costs. This is true whether or not the specification calls for coating of lead, tin, zinc or aluminum.

Further savings in production costs result by feeding high-speed presses with Precision Brand® X-Ray inspected coils (less down time). Or if coated metal flat sheets, flat strips or blanks are ordered: your exact sizes are packaged on skids ready for immediate press feeding (less scrap loss and less handling).

From stock immediately available we offer the Electrolytic Tin Plate, Electro and Hot Dipped Galvanized, and Galvannealed products in this section with the occasional exception of those coated metal items "not in current demand" but promptly available from the mill. These various metal coated steel products come in their respective tempers as listed. Your inquiries for special orders from the mill are solicited.


COMPLETE FACILITIES for Coil Slitting, Blanking and Sheet Shearing

Note - Sizes and tempers available vary over time. Please inquire if your needs are not shown.


The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400. 

Electro-Galvanized Steel
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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
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Tin Coated Steel
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