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Low Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel

Quality Guarantee - Precision Brand® low carbon Sheet and Strip Steels are guaranteed to be of prime quality and produced by selected mill sources able to meet our higher than normal industry standards. Our ISO certification ensures it. A certified chemical analysis to meet various standards is provided with every order. Continuous inspections are given to all orders through the entire production process.

Service - All our efforts at Precision Steel are focused on customer service and support. We provide unsurpassed reliability and attention to your order. Backed by broad and substantial inventories, state-of-the-art equipment and personnel with years of experience in the industry. We provide detailed information using the latest e-business technology, EDI, bar coding, and order tracking from entry to your door. A seamless process from our suppliers to your production facilities.

Widest Choices - There are many different kinds of Low Carbon Steel Qualities available for your selection in their many types and tempers. Precision Steel's selection of low carbon cold rolled steel includes shim steel, strip steel, flat wire, and more.

Close Tolerances - In either sheet or strip, we offer closer than standard tolerances for your exacting requirements. In cold rolled sheet, ask for Selected Tolerance Sheet Steel which is carefully checked on our X-Ray gauging equipment to meet tolerances down to and including one half of standard mill rolling tolerances.

In low cold rolled strip steel, look for the Special Accuracy Strip Steel section. This material is ordered by us to restricted thickness tolerances of ┬▒ .001" or less depending on the thickness, and will meet your most exacting requirements.

Flatness - It has not been practicable to formulate flatness tolerances for cold rolled low carbon steel to represent the wide range of widths and thicknesses and variety of tempers produced in coils or cut lengths. Flatness on temper rolled low carbon steel cannot be guaranteed.

Plating - While we do not guarantee any material for plating, genuine strip steel is best. All formed parts should be properly conditioned, buffed and polished to make them suitable for plating.

Note - Sizes and tempers available vary over time. Please inquire if your needs are not shown.

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400. 

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