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AISI 1010

AISI 1010 is a low-carbon steel alloy with 0.10% carbon content. It is known for its relatively low strength and low ductility, however it can be quenched and tempered to increase strength. Machineability of 1010 carbon steel is considered to be fairly good. AISI 1010 is commonly used for cold headed fasteners, rivets and bolts, in addition to structural, construction and automotive applications such as fenders, pans, nails and transmission covers.

At Precision Steel Warehouse, our selection of low carbon steel including low carbon steel sheets, strip steel, special accuracy strip, shim steel and flat wire steel meet the AISI 1010 standards.

Characteristics of AISI 1010 Carbon Steel
Machinability: Fairly Good
Forming: Good
Welding: Good
Heat Treatment: Annealed / Case Hardened
Forging: Good - Between 2300-1800 °F
Hot Working: 900-200 °F
Cold Working: Good
Annealing: 1600-1800 °F (Full Annealed has Tensile Strength of 45 ksi)
Tempering: 600-1100 °F (Will Give Tensile Strength of 75 ksi)
Hardening: Cold Working / Heat Treatment

Chemical Composition of AISI 1010 Carbon Steel
Carbon 0.08-0.13
Manganese 0.30-0.60td>
Phosphorus 0.040 max
Sulfur 0.050 max
Silicon 0.10 max3
Iron Balance

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