50 Carbon Spring Steel

50 Carbon Spring Steel

Fifty Carbon, Cold Rolled Annealed Strip Steel - A quality product manufactured expressly for us to rigid quality standards for the purpose of greatest uniformity with Rockwell held to the medium or low side of range. 1050 carbon spring steel can be easily formed, blanked, shaped or slightly drawn, heat treated, hardened and tempered. Used for flat springs, coiled springs, spring latches, prong lock washers, etc.

We Can Slit - Roller Level - Cut To Length - or Round Edge by Edge Rolling or Remove Burr by Filing. Oscillated Coils on Spools or Cores

View 50 Carbon Steel Tolerance Data
  • Soft Annealed B84 Max.Approx.
  • Spheroidized Structure
  • Analysis C .47/.55
  • MN .60/.90
  • P .030 Max.
  • S .0 35 Max.

1050 Annealed Spring Steel Specifications


The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

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