410 Annealed Stainless Steel

410 Annealed Stainless Steel

Soft and Ductile - This type 410 (Martensitic) Stainless Steel Strip is the general purpose and most widely used of all the Martensitic grades of stainless steels. In its annealed condition it may be drawn, formed or shaped and because it is an air or oil quench hardening grade it can be hardened to high strength levels by subsequent heat treatments. 

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While Type 410 offers very good resistance to scaling up to 1200° F., and its mechanical properties are excellent, it is NOT recommended for applications in which severe corrosion is encountered. Type 410 is used for springs, scrapers, fasteners, hardware brackets, furnace parts and burners. It is magnetic in all conditions. Tensile strength (as annealed) min. 65,000 PSI, yield strength minimum 30,000 PSI, and elongation in 2 inches at 20%. For solution annealing, slow controlled cooling from 1500/1600° F. For hardening, heat to 1700/1850°F. Quench in air or oil.

  • ASTM A 240
  • AISI 410
  • Analysis
  • C .10/.15 Max.
  • Mn 1.00 Max.
  • P .040 Max. 
  • S .030 Max. 
  • Si 1.00/Max. 
  • Cr 11.50/13.50

Complete Facilities for Slitting - Shearing - Blanking and Edging

Available in coils or cut lengths. Sizes other than those listed and in all thicknesses .001 and heavier are obtainable and may be ordered for you.

Also available 36" wide in select gages.

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

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