420 Modified Annealed Stainless Steel

420 Modified Annealed Stainless Steel

Type 420 Stainless Steel, a modification of 410, has a higher carbon content to increase hardness, improve strength and give better wear resistance. This type maintains its best corrosion resistance in the heat treated condition. Tempering temperatures above 700° F. are not normally recommended and Type 420 must be preheated before and annealed after welding.

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Principal applications:

  • Bushings, Dental and Surgical Instruments
  • Pump Parts
  • Valve Parts and Shafts

Our 420 is not bought or recommended to a cutlery grade. AlSl 420 Chemistry Only.

  • Analysis
  • C .22-.27
  • Mn 1.00 Max. 
  • Si 1.00 Max.
  • P .040 Max.
  • S .030 Max. 
  • Cr 12.5/14.00

Complete Facilitiesfor Slitting - Shearing - Blanking and Edging. 

Available in coils or cut lengths. Sizes other than those listed and in all thicknesses .001 and heavier are obtainable and may be ordered for you.

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

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