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Quarter Hard Cold Rolled Type 301

(Chrome-Nickel) Stainless Steel Strip. This is one of the group of five different tempers stocked by us in this alloy. This quarter hard temper is used in many ways for light drawing, stretching and forming operations where heat and corrosion resistant properties are required. It possesses greater ductility and elongation than its counterparts Types 302 and 304 but work hardens much more rapidly. At 1/4 Hard, Type 301 develops a tensile strength of 125,000 PSI minimum, a minimum yield strength of 75,000 PSI and elongation in 2 inches of 25% minimum.

Type 301 Characteristics 

Type 301 - (chrome-nickel) Austenitic. The chemistry of this alloy permits cold working to the ideal combination of mechanical properties desired for springs. To illustrate; in the Full Hard condition, it will maintain a minimum of 9% elongation in 2” as compared with Type 302 Full Hard at 2% approximately. This retained elongation on the part of 301 accounts for its great hardness, toughness and superior fatigue life in the finished part. In addition, it possesses a high strength-to-weight ratio. Type 301 work hardens excessively - For this reason its general demand is in the harder tempers. It is not heat-treatable for hardening purposes, is non-magnetic as annealed but slightly magnetic following cold working. Type 301 possesses good heat and corrosion resistance and welds easily. To solution anneal, cool rapidly in air or water from about 2000° F.

Flatness - Because of the wide range of widths and thicknesses and the variety of tempers produced in coils and cut lengths, no flatness tolerances have been established for cold rolled stainless steel. Flatness on temper rolled stainless steel strip cannot be guaranteed.

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  • AISI 301
  • AMS 5517
  • ASTM A 666