The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

Full Hard Cold Rolled Type 302 (18/8 chrome-nickel) Stainless Steel Strip at Rockwell C-35/40 approx. Due to demand, this temper is stocked alongside its Full Hard counterpart in Type 301. Both have their place in the Austenitic family of hard rolled tempers. The 302 is characterized as possessing somewhat less hardness, toughness, elongation, and spring back but easier to form. Also, Type 302 possesses greater heat and corrosion resistance. Your choice will depend on the degree of forming required to do the job at hand or to the specifications. If you have temper problems, we invite your inquiries. We will be happy to help you select the proper material for your needs.

Note - The AISI Stainless Manual does not show tensile, yield or elongation for Type 302.

Flatness - Because of the wide range of widths and thicknesses and the variety of tempers produced in coils and cut lengths, no flatness tolerances have been established for cold rolled stainless steel. Flatness on temper rolled stainless steel strip cannot be guaranteed.

View Full Hard 302 Stainless Steel Tolerance Data
  • AlSl 302 Chemistry Only
  • AMS 5906 Chemistry Only

302 Stainless Steel Full Hard Composition Analysis

302 Stainless Steel Full Hard Composition Analysis  
Carbon .15 Max
Manganese 2.00 Max
Silicon .750 Max
Phosphorus .040 Max
Sulfur 0.030 Max
Chromium 17.00/19.00
Nickel 8.00/10.00