Electro Galvanized Sheet

Learn more about the physical and mechanical properties of electro galvanized sheet.

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The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

Detailed Comparison
Electro Galvanized Sheet
Product Description Sheet Standard commercial quality coat, plain or bonderized. Will not flake or peel under the most severe forming or drawing operations. Sizes .010 to .062. Available in coils or cut lengths. All tempers.
Appearance Description Silver Grey Matte Finish. Finish generally acceptable on interior parts.
Paint Description Excellent - When bonderized finish is used. Used in sign blanks and other applications where added rust protection is required.
Corrosion Description Used in interior auto instruments, brackets, hinges, where some corrosion resistance is required.
Forming Description Equal to forming qualities of the base metal used. Coating tightly adheres to surface in forming and drawing applications. May require different lubrication from uncoated metals.
Solder Description