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Brass 70/30


Physical Properties
Brass 70/30
Density lbs. per cu. in. .308
Melting point 1680°F.
Youngs Modulus of Elasticity (tension) 16,000,000,000
Electrical Conductivity* 28.0
Thermal Conductivity** 70


Mechanical Properties
Brass 70/30
Tensile Strength P.S.I. - Hard and Aged N/A
Tensile Strength P.S.I. - Spring Temper 96,000
Fatigue Strength P.S.I. - Hard and Aged N/A
Fatigue Strength P.S.I. - Spring Temper 27,000

*Percentage of I.A.C.S. (International Annealed Copper Standard Est. 1913)

** Btu per sq. ft. per ft. per hr. per °F., 68°F.

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