Coated Metals

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

Tin Plate Temper Designations

Temper designations as applied to Tin Mill products are diametrically opposite to those used to indicate the degree of hardness for Cold Rolled Strip and Sheet steels. To illustrate. #1 Temper (T-1) in the Tin Mill numbering system indicates a Dead Soft condition, whereas #1 Temper as concerns C. R. Strip and Sheet Steel indicates a Full Hard Rolled Condition.

For Reference Only - To avoid confusion specify Rockwell hardness

Temper Aim Rockwell
30 -T Scale
T1 46 - 52 Soft for Drawing
T-2 50 - 56 For Moderate Drawing - Some
Stiffness Required
T-3 54 - 60 Shallow Drawing for General
Purpose with Fair Degree of Stiffness
T-4 58 - 64 For General Purpose with Increased
T-5 62 - 68 Rephosphorized Steel- Stiffness to
resist buckling
T-5 CA TU 62 - 68 Continuous Anneal Not Rephosphorized
T-6 67 - 73 Rephosphorized Steel - for great stiffness
T-6 CA 67 - 73 Continuous Anneal Rephosphorized
for Great Stiffness