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Tin Plate Temper Designations - Temper designations as applied to Tin Mill products are diametrically opposite to those used to indicate the degree of hardness for Cold Rolled Strip and Sheet steels. To illustrate. #1 Temper (T-1) in the Tin Mill numbering system indicates a Dead Soft condition, whereas #1 Temper as concerns C. R. Strip and Sheet Steel indicates a Full Hard Rolled Condition.

For Reference Only - To avoid confusion specify Rockwell hardness

Temper Aim Rockwell
30 -T Scale
T1 46 - 52 Soft for Drawing
T-2 50 - 56 For Moderate Drawing - Some
Stiffness Required
T-3 54 - 60 Shallow Drawing for General
Purpose with Fair Degree of Stiffness
T-4 58 - 64 For General Purpose with Increased
T-5 62 - 68 Rephosphorized Steel- Stiffness to
resist buckling
T-5 CA TU 62 - 68 Continuous Anneal Not Rephosphorized
T-6 67 - 73 Rephosphorized Steel - for great stiffness
T-6 CA 67 - 73 Continuous Anneal Rephosphorized
for Great Stiffness

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