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Copper Base Alloys

TEMPER DESIGNATIONS of Wrought Copper - Base Alloys Brass and Phosphor Bronze

B & S Numbers
Description Approximate % Reduction
by Cold Working Strip
0 Soft Temper None
1 Quarter Hard Temper 10.9%
2 Half Hard Temper 20.7%
3 Three Quarter Hard Temper 29.4%
4 Hard Temper 37.1
6 Extra Hard Temper 50.0%
8 Spring Temper 60.5%
10 Extra Spring Temper 68.7%

B&S Gage Numbers
Note: Numbers Hard - (Brown and Sharpe) is a standard system wherein temper is expressed by the number of B & S gage numbers as cold reduced in thickness from a previous annealing - for each B & S gage number in thickness as cold reduced there is assigned a hardness value of 1/4 hard. To illustrate: one number hard = 1/4 hard temper, two numbers hard = 1/2 hard, etc.

Temper Hardness
Annealed Commercially Soft
Quarter Hard One Number Hard
Half Hard Two Numbers Hard
Hard Temper Four Numbers Hard
Extra hard Six Numbers Hard
Spring Temper Eight Numbers Hard
Extra Spring Temper Ten Numbers Hard

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