Stainless Steel

The minimum order for PSW coil products is $400.

Stainless Strip Steel (Cold Rolled) - Temper Classifications

Note - The various stainless strip tempers are based on specified minimum values for tensile strength or yield strength or both. Here at Precision Steel there is on file a complete record of all such detail including chemical analysis on each item in stock. However, because of custom, both distributors and customers alike rely on approximate Rockwell readings for temper classification.

To illustrate:

Temper Rockwell Tensile PSI
Soft Approx. B 87 max 75.000 min.
Quarter hard Approx. C 25/30 125.000 min.
Half Hard Approx. C 30/35 150.000 min.
Three Quarter hard Approx. C 35/40 175.000 Min.
Full Hard Approx. C 40/45 185.000 Min.
Extra Hard (Tyoe 301) Approx. C 45 min. 200.000 Min.
Type 430 Soft Approx. B 75/85 75/85.000